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Yarning Circle – Curtin University



Yarning Circle – Curtin University

ESC Engineering were engaged by the university to undertake the electrical, communications and security system design for the new Yarning Circle at the Bentley Campus entrance.

In addition to the project being of significant cultural value to the university, the project was selected to trial a new technology which would eventuate in this site being the first deployment in Australia of a new technology named digital electricity.

Digital electricity converts power from either a renewable source (solar) or regular grid AC supply to a digital signal which combines the electrical power component and a communications component. The communications component monitors the signal and interrupts the transmission so fast that the electrical cable is deemed safe to touch. This speed of disconnection facilitated the classification of the cabling system under the S009 communications wiring standards and allows digital electricity cables to be deployed with regular ELV cables in the same pit and pipe system thus negating the need for separate power infrastructure. This application is particularly useful for remote telco equipment on large sites but also has wider applications as was proved on this project whereby all power, lighting and security systems were powered via this technology.

In addition to the first deployment in Australia, the project also required the use of powered fibre optic cables to provide both power and communications to PTZ cameras located over the 90m limit from their externally mounted network switch, and POE+ to provide power and communications to devices within the 90m limit. This project deployed all three methods of powering equipment via communications cabling in use worldwide in one unique project.

“Thank you for all of your work as electrical engineer for the Curtin Yarning Circle Project – it is a wonderful addition to the Campus landscape”
– Stephanie Banaszak – Curtin University