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Utility Critical Infrastructure



Utility Critical Infrastructure

ESC Engineering were engaged to provide electronic security design services for a large critical infrastructure utility substation and employed several innovative solutions in the design to provide protection to this critical asset.

The site was classified into different zones which extended far beyond the perimeter fencing which was vital due to the isolated nature of the site. This allowed for any potential threat to be first identified a substantial distance away from the actual perimeter fence and if required security personnel to be made aware of an approach.

Ground radar technology provided tracking of potential targets up to 3km away and monitored their size, direction of travel and speed.

Upon approaching the perimeter fence, thermal imaging CCTV cameras utilising trip wire analytics detected fence approach and breach.

Both the thermal and radar systems also provided alarms for any persons or vehicle which entered the site, either authorised or unauthorised, and interfaced with the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) CCTV cameras to track movements.

This combined detection technology system also interfaced with the access control system to facilitate authorised access via access cards and intercom to the main control centre for remote access.

Finally, a site wide PA system allowed for the automated and manual voice commands to be provided to both potential intruders and authorised visitors.

In order to deliver a complex system solution, it was vital to develop a detailed brief for the client to sign off before proceeding with detailed design and specification.